Advertiser: P&G India
Agency: BBDO India
Country: India


India has always been a strongly patriarchal society, and brands have typically reinforced gender stereotypes down the years. As Indian society has opened up in recent years, many brands (e.g.: Nike) have started to reflect the "new" urban Indian woman; a more confident, accomplished woman boldly achieving her dreams in a male dominated society. Even so, the sacred cows persist, notably the cultural norms that exist inside Indian homes that make it the duty of every woman to be the housekeeper, to clean the house, to put food on the table and tend to the daily needs of children. Few brands had yet dared to challenge these norms, and liberate women from the yoke of household responsibility.

In 2015, in a category that had been defined by product performance and stain removal, Ariel set out to change the conversation surrounding laundry with a provocative question – "Is laundry only a woman's job?" The #ShareTheLoad campaign sparked a debate throughout India, and generated huge amounts of positive attention towards Ariel. Sales of Ariel Matic, its premium product, more than doubled in value and volume terms by an unprecedented 106% and 105% respectively (Source: Client data). Commentators applauded the audacity of a brand that could take on the thorny issue of gender inequality. We were honoured with 31 creative and 17 effectiveness global, regional and local awards including the inaugural Gold Glass Lion at Cannes and a Grand Prix at the APAC Effies.