Campaign details

Advertiser: Apple
Brand: Apple
Agency: In-house
Country: Global


Shot on iPhone is Apple's community facing platform that highlights the power of people's creativity and allows us to celebrate culture locally.

It aims to create loyal fans who use their iPhone camera more and proudly share its use. The campaign launched August 7, 2017, and was measured over a nine-month timeframe.

To quantify success, we set benchmarks as below, against a suite of brands, both direct competitors (Google, Samsung, etc.), and also industry-leading "best" brands on social media (Airbnb, NatGeo, Nike).

  • Inspire Interest: Grow presence to five million followers (a self-imposed benchmark for what constituted a "significant" following) faster than any brand in our competitive set, who all benefited from being on platform early.
  • Prompt Participation: Grow #ShotoniPhone usage over 1.5 million new uses in nine months (which would be double existing hashtag usage on platform) and surpass our competitors' total lifetime uses.
  • Engaged Community: Grow Apple's engagement to two times the average post engagement of our nearest competitive-set account, our proxy for affinity.

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