Campaign details

Advertiser: Apple
Brand: iPhone
Agency: In-house
Country: United States


Apple's communication is at its best when it adds to culture or highlights an amazing new user behavior. The release of iPhone X delivered a feature that could easily do both: Animoji. At the time entirely new to the category, it allowed people to create and record custom, 3D versions of various animated emoji, using facial recognition to animate the emoji in real time. The brand wanted to give this innovation the largest possible stage to create awareness, to stimulate interest, and to enhance the desirability of its latest products.

  • Create a Shockwave in culture: Drive overall views, impressions, and meaningful views of the Animoji films on social. We define meaningful views as viewers opting in to sound-on plays of the film.
  • Build mass awareness of Animoji: New features are a massive driver of sales in the smartphone category1 so it's vital to generate excitement for and understanding of the latest and greatest technology. To prove this, we would need to increase search volume for the feature, inspire iPhone X owners to create and seek out custom UGC Animoji films, and in the process earn a massive amount of media.

Creative work