Ada: How a newspaper helped a nation heal the wounds of war

Agency: Leo Burnett Solutions Colombo
Advertiser: Wijeya Newspapers
Brand: Ada Newspaper
Country: Sri Lanka


Background into the challenge: Driving growth in a crowded category with 16 competitors and a shrinking readership base

The Lankadeepa, also published by the Wijeya Group, is Sri Lanka's top-selling daily newspaper; it is read by half the country. Sixteen other dailies, including Ada, fill out the rest of the category (Source: National Demographic and Media Survey 2013).

A victim of its own success, the Lankadeepa could grow no further. Any increase in size or circulation would reduce its profitability. Moreover, the category itself was shrinking, recording a decline of 3% in the previous year (Source: National Demographic and Media Survey 2013). The most important segment, urban professionals, were turning to other media for their daily dose of news.