Yellow Pages: Yellow Chocolate

Category: Consumer Services
Agency: Colenso BBDO
Client: Yellow Pages Group New Zealand


In the first week of March this year, an ordinary Kiwi bloke sold 100,000 bars of his brand new chocolate, creating New Zealand’s fastest ever chocolate bar launch.

The campaign significantly improved perceptions of the Yellow brand, engaging over 60% of New Zealanders and proving that the country still believes that Yellow is the best place to get the job done.


Yellow Pages faced a tumultuous 2009: the relevance of the printed Yellow Pages product declined further, the need to be in the Yellow Pages had decreased due to new online and digital advertising channels, and the Group had faced widely-touted problems with their search experience.

Communications would be unable to address any of these fundamental business and marketplace issues, however, the decision was taken to continue to use communications to improve perceptions of the Yellow brand. The agency was tasked with producing a follow-up campaign and challenged to improve on the performance of the Treehouse, but with a much smaller budget.