Farmlands Trading Society: The Party of the Year

Category: Limited Budget: less than $300,000
Agency: justONE
Client: Farmlands Trading Society Limited


The Farmlands Trading Society and justONE campaign to boost use and spend of the Farmlands Card certainly gave farmers a reason to party.

A traditional spend-and-win promotion was not going to cut it with farmers in 2011. So, the team at justONE turned it on its head and developed a uniquely rural campaign with a big idea.

The resulting Party of the Year campaign massively outperformed all objectives – it grew overall spend on Farmlands Card by a whopping 24.7% over the campaign period, activated 10% of non-users and affected a long-term behavioural change that is still being realised 12 months on.

Key learnings

The target audience was the 27,000 Farmlands shareholders. They are farmers, living in rural areas, in small tight-knit communities of 10-20,000 people. There were a few core insights identified that helped to engage them and make the campaign a success: