Brands throttled by the pandemic in China cannot rely blindly on digitization to survive

The economic pressure brought about by the epidemic is almost a foregone conclusion, and for companies, tightening their budgets can only be a short-lived move. In the post-epidemic era, making companies profitable and favored by consumers depends on refined operations. This does not mean just creating a few more WeChat groups, but considering how not to cause trouble from both consumers and channels And barriers, at the moment when the dividend will eventually be leveled by competition, allowing brands to avoid the fate of being eliminated by the industry or category.

Data shows that in April 2022 alone, there will be medium- and high-risk areas in 63 cities in China. Among them, 41 cities have medium and high-risk areas under control for more than 10 days, affecting nearly 300 million people. In addition, the epidemic...

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