Born In COVID: How mothercare and babycare brands can be anxiety antidotes in 2022 pandemic

The 'Covid Generation' is the name given to babies born since the pandemic, and as quarantine life changes their interactions and developmental trajectories in the early stages of growth, this has brought great anxiety to mothers, although mothers and babies The forecast of the market size of consumer goods has been rising year after year, but McCann Health found through in-depth interviews with mothers of the "new crown generation" in Shanghai that the escalation of parenting anxiety, the decline of consumption information, and the shrinking of demographic dividends have all made this market in crisis.

The Covid-19 pandemic is changing the world's latest generation, and they have a new name: Generation C, the Covid Generation.

CNN's March 2021 article "Meet Generation C, Generation Covid-19" brought Generation C to the forefront. Immediately afterwards,...

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