According to several reports, up to half of all online adverts are not actually viewable. Advertisers have been leading the charge for this to be remedied and for common, independently verified standards. At the same time there is dissatisfaction with the current viewability standards and increased pressure for the industry to raise the bar. What matters in the end is the impact on an advertisers' business, and the early signs from econometric modelling are that improvements in viewability drive significant ROI improvements.


In online advertising, 'viewability' is an online advertising metric that measures impressions that can actually be seen by users. Standards for 'viewability' have been shaped by joint industry bodies, led by the IAB and the MRC (Media Ratings Council). These standards are set by ad format. Display ads: 50% pixels of that unit are in view for at least 1 second. Video: 50% of the ad is viewable for a minimum of 2 continuous seconds. Rising Star/Emerging Formats: 30% of the ad is viewable for a minimum of 1 continuous second.

Key insights

1. Despite industry focus in the last few years, half of all display adverts are not actually 'viewable'