Programmatic media offers sophisticated targeting, which is transforming marketing plans. The industry has developed at a rapid pace and there is a continued need for education among advertisers and agencies, to make best use of the possibilities. The rise of programmatic has helped to fuel advertisers’ concerns around online advertising, including viewability of online ads, brand safety and digital transparency.


An automated method of buying media where data is leveraged, often in real-time, to make decisions on a per-impression basis.

Key insights

1. Programmatic's share of digital ad trade is rising globally

Almost two-thirds of online display advertising spend (excluding paid search and social media) will be programmatically traded in 2019, according to projections from Zenith. The forecast 65.3% share would mark a 3.5 percentage point rise from 2018, and is over three times greater than the share recorded in 2013. The growth trend is backed up by Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) Europe data, which shows significant growth in programmatic revenues and points to over 70% of display and over 50% of video inventory now being traded programmatically.