Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular, and in turn are presenting new opportunities for advertisers, including a chance to access hard-to-reach audio audiences that are highly engaged, and looking for informative experiences that expand their knowledge. The convenience and flexibility of podcasts make the medium highly valued in the eye of consumers who are subsequently more receptive to the presence of brands and advertising. As native advertising in podcasts continues to evolve, brands must clearly indicate their presence to avoid overstepping editorial boundaries. Podcasts offer intimacy through audio, and the opportunity for in-depth story telling.


Podcasts are downloadable digital audio files, generally released in a series of episodes that make up a show or collection. Also known as audio on-demand programmes. This report focuses on how marketers can benefit from using podcasts in the marketing mix. There are two main types of advertising in podcasts:

  • Baked in: the advertising message is a part of the podcast content
  • Dynamically inserted ad: pre-recorded and placed in by an ad-server