Packaging can help create standout and differentiate a brand from its competitors. A clear and simple message on the packaging that is linked to the brand's core assets can help to drive purchase consideration. And using icons, or unique shapes, can gain consumers' attention. While rational messaging gives consumers a reason for purchase, storytelling and personalised packaging can create emotional engagement.


Packaging is how brands contain and protect their products for sale to consumers, and can also be used to aid transportation. Packaging helps to market the brand's message and identity and provides useful information about the brand.

Key insights

1. Great packaging can sell a brand on its own

Great packaging creates ‘love at first sight’ without having to explain any of the details. It is a storytelling device to communicate a compelling message, differentiate versus competition and create emotional connection. Done well it can get the consumer to touch the package at fixture, which according to one research study, results in a sale 80% of the time. An example is CORE Natural Water’s launch into the US bottled water market in 2015 with a pack design that spoke to fitness culture and disrupted a category focused on mountain spring purity.