The online video audience is growing and shifting to mobile, particularly smartphone. The young and men are particularly well represented. Brand messaging is not particularly welcome to this audience though skippable/click-to-play ads and ads within Video On Demand (VOD) services are more acceptable along with outstanding creative and non-advertising brand content


Online video is a media platform that delivers creative content across a number of screens including desktop, mobile and tablet.

Online video audiences are those people who view video content via the internet. Online video is viewed via specialised providers, video sharing sites, publishers' online offerings, social media and Video On Demand services offered by TV broadcasters.

Video On Demand is video content that is controlled, enabled, and consumed whenever a viewer wants after its official release date or original air date and time. VOD content can be found on set top boxes, OTT devices, mobile web, mobile apps, and video streaming services. (IAB glossary)