As the power of traditional celebrity endorsement declines, influencer marketing in China has come to the fore, and can be an effective way to build consumer loyalty in the Chinese market. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to influencer marketing in China and brands must choose an appropriate endorsement strategy that considers brand positioning, ideals, and goals. Influencer marketing in China can deliver the same reach as TV, allowing brands to access ‘hard to get’ demographics and increase the engagement levels of their campaigns. Big data analysis can help locate and deepen understanding of the role of influencers.


An influencer, or key opinion leader (KOL), is an individual who has above-average reach or impact through word-of-mouth or social media reach. Influencers are often highly knowledgeable about a specific subject, such as food, fashion, beauty or technology.

This report focuses exclusively on influencers and the influencer market in China.

Key Insights

1. WeChat and Weibo dominate online influencer marketing but not without challenge