Speed read

The Health and Wellness sector has grown considerably in recent years. Smart technology has given consumers greater understanding of the impact of their personal choices, making it easier for them to monitor their health and track their fitness goals. It has also raised expectations of health and wellness brands, as people demand rapid responses, personalised experiences and inspiring communication.


Health and Wellness marketing informs and educates consumers about health and fitness brands.

Key insights

1. Digital healthcare marketing should aim to change behaviours and outcomes

Healthcare consumers are in the market for more than just a product or service, often also needing support and education. Since life and death issues can be involved, effective digital communication needs to change behaviours and create positive outcomes. Communications and apps therefore need to be user-centric, simple and easy to use, so patients can access the information they need. In developing content it’s important to put the most crucial information first and focus on specific behaviours, action steps and instructions throughout the healthcare journey. Given the sensitivity of health data, data privacy and protection are of particular importance in building trust.