TV and digital strategies are vital for brands to reach consumers throughout the day. Multi-screen campaigns can be complementary and help to drive deeper engagement. By combining TV and digital advertising, brands can benefit from the mass awareness of traditional media, as well as the targeted, personal nature of many digital channels.


TV advertising is produced and paid for by brands in order to reach an audience during television air time. Digital media can include channels such as online display, search, online video, microsites, mobile and social media.

Key insights

1. Brands can already maximise TV and digital media plans despite current barriers

While the industry continues to work on standardised measurement and technological integration between channels, brands today can do three things to maximise investment across TV, online video and mobile:

  • Be single-minded about the objective of each element of the media plan and measure it
  • Consider creating video for specific online environments or platforms to increase viewer relevance
  • Understand people’s behaviour and use data and programmatic technology to improve targeting efficiency – without losing an appreciation of broadcast media and human insight.