A successful brand relaunch requires investment, the right leadership and a structured approach to defining the problem and best solution. Relaunches are rooted in deep consumer insight and brand understanding, they may require an emotional communication to have the desired effect.


A brand relaunch reintroduces a previously marketed brand to improve its sales, market share and profits. It can mean anything from a new pack design or advertising campaign, right through to a root-and-branch reworking of the product, its pricing, its distribution and its promotion. Usually it involves repositioning the brand and/or modernising its communications.

Key Insights

1. Brands embarking on a relaunch should stick with their distinctive brand assets

Distinctive brand assets, such as distinct colours, fonts or logos, automatically trigger brand name association for consumers when they are very 'famous' and unique. They play a very important role in making it easy for consumers to identify the brand in advertising and in-store and can be anything sensory, both audio and visual, and may take the form of word-based assets, story assets, face assets, colour-based assets or shape assets. Distinctive assets should not be changed but can be evolved, if they are recognisable versus the previous iteration. This applies in launch situations, such as introducing a new variant or relaunching the brand, when a brand is seeking to create 'mental availability' and/or tap into existing memory structures.