A successful brand relaunch requires investment, the right leadership and a structured approach to defining the problem and best solution. Relaunches are rooted in deep consumer insight and brand understanding, they may require an emotional communication to have the desired effect.


A brand relaunch reintroduces a previously marketed brand to improve its sales, market share and profits. It can mean anything from a new pack design or advertising campaign, right through to a root-and-branch reworking of the product, its pricing, its distribution and its promotion. Usually it involves repositioning the brand and/or modernising its communications.

Key Insights

1. Premiumisation can be a good relaunch strategy for middle-market brands

With brands under pressure from tech-driven disruption, value brands can find protection in operational efficiency, keeping costs down and passing savings onto consumers, while luxury brands can find protection in their stronger emotional connection with their fans. However, in the challenging middle-market brands either innovate, or try to find safety in scale, or reposition. It’s suggested that the greatest rewards lie in being able to move up successfully and finding new ways to distinguish the brand that command a premium the consumer is prepared to pay. To move up, brands need to know their customers better, or develop a culture that breeds innovation and a business model that can continuously fund it, as consumers’ preferences don’t stand still.