What we know about addressable TV

Developments in data technology are allowing advertisers to create highly targeted TV campaigns and drive efficiency. The advanced targeted approach offered by addressable TV is gaining traction amongst advertisers, and is increasing TV’s relevance.


Addressable TV combines data and technology to enable advertisers to selectively segment TV audiences. TV ads are then served ads to households matching a specific target audience.

Key insights

1. Addressable can segment TV audiences and serve different ads within the same programme

Addressable TV can send a different ad to any set top box, even in the same time slot. In other words, your neighbour could be watching the same show at the same time but seeing a different advert. Addressable TV also has dynamic insertion capabilities, meaning a computer can make a decision and insert the ad. However, the capabilities with addressable television vary by media supplier, and are bound by privacy regulation. In France, for example, ITV can send specific targeted ads into a particular household's stream, but a government-mandated firewall prevents the media company from knowing anything about that household, limiting the usefulness of addressability.