There is growing evidence music is effective, particularly in emotional advertising. Music should not be an afterthought but chosen and crafted to fit the advertising as an integral part of the creative development. Brands should consider the branding power of consistent music and sonic logos, as well as the brand-building potential of collaborations with musical artists.


Music in advertising includes instrumental scores, popular songs, sung jingles or sonic brand signatures. They can be new compositions or licensed existing music – the original or a new arrangement. Music can be a one-off for an ad or used consistently over time by a brand.

Key Insights

1. An ‘audio logo’ can boost brand recognition

Marketers should be tapping into people’s instinctive and emotional responses to audio to create powerful brand connections with short ‘audio logos’ that create recognition and consistency across touchpoints. Melodic logos and alignment with the brand’s visual identifiers are effective choices. Several financial services brands have been working hard in creating an ‘audio logo’. Mastercard, the global payments company, has spent two years developing a sonic brand architecture to help it stand out in environment of visual overload. This included a core melody adaptable to many situations and countries and a three-second “musical logo”. Rival payments company Visa has also created a sound logo as part of its brand assets to reinforce its presence at mobile point of sale. And financial services organisation HSBC has also developed its brand identity further with a brand sound present at all touchpoints.