US millennials are at the forefront of digital technological change but are also characterized by ethnic diversity, optimism in the face of economic challenges and a focus on living life to the full in the here and now. Despite their reputation as the ‘me’ generation, they crave connection with friends and family. Brands can engage with them via their passions, love of unique life experiences, and desires to do good and foster social equality. Millennials are the first digital-native generation, so their media consumption differs from older generations – more online, more mobile, more fragmented, more on-demand.


Millennials (or Generation Y) were born between the early 1980s and late 1990s, so are between the ages of 17 and 37 in 2018. In the US, they are already the largest generational cohort (92 million US millennials in 2015).

Key insights

1. US millennials value quality products and service more than ‘ideals’