Stunt marketing is also known as stunt tactics, a form of experiential marketing used to effectively build awareness, generate buzz and boost engagement. These stunts can enable brands to reach a wide audience, both primary and secondary, often on a low budget. Stunts can be parodied in user-generated content and can become viral depending on the strength of their engagement appeal.


Stunt marketing encompasses tactics whereby a brand shares fake or humorous content for the purposes of gaining PR or generating buzz.

Key Insights

1. Stunt marketing can be a long-term, brand-building strategy

Irish bookmaker Paddy Power has used - often polarising but always mischievous - marketing stunts over many years as a key plank of its approach to build brand awareness at home as well as in the UK and US. One recurring theme is Paddy Power underpants which are used to ambush high-profile sporting and other events. However, the brand also has a more serious intent to use the fame it can generate for good, demonstrated in its support for LGBTQ prejudice around football. There’s also a serious side to its latest #SaveOurShirt stunt with English football team Huddersfield Town, where a shirt with a massive sponsorship logo was launched then withdrawn – highlighting issues around the impact of betting brands on football fan culture.