The primary objectives of sponsorship are to create awareness and build brand equity. In today’s media landscape marketers can leverage multiple touchpoints to activate a sponsorship deal. A natural link between a brand and a property can boost the impact of the sponsorship, and the effectiveness of this can be enhanced by emotive storytelling and by employee engagement.


Sponsorship is the financial, or similar support, of an activity, used primarily to achieve specific business goals. There are many types of sponsorship but the most common are event, sports and media sponsorship. The aim is to promote a brand’s association with the sponsor.

Sponsorship investment typically divides into two areas. The rights fee is what an advertiser pays the sports team, event or media it is sponsoring. Activation includes all promotion of the sponsorship such as PR, in-store collateral or social media outreach.

Key insights

1. Confidence in measuring business returns from sponsorships has fallen