Effective seasonal and occasion marketing emotionally engages consumers with memorable advertising, often across multiple platforms. By identifying with popular events or cultural festivities, brands can improve perceptions and preference, driving sales at times when consumers are particularly susceptible to promotions and special offers.


Seasonal and occasion marketing allow brands to create positive associations and prompt purchase during times when consumers are typically prepared to spend more money. Occasions can be religious events e.g. Ramadan, cultural touchpoints e.g. Chinese New Year, social movements e.g. Pride, retail extravaganzas e.g. Black Friday or sporting events e.g. the Super Bowl.

Key insights

1. Effective big occasion advertising embodies best in class creative principles

A Kantar study found that successful Christmas advertising in the UK follows creative best practice to drive growth not only in the short term, but also in the long term:

  • Be distinctive through a story which generates enjoyment to get attention and emotional affinity to position the brand positively
  • Be well branded through integration into the story or use of brand cues to ensure the ad is associated with the brand in the consumer’s memory
  • Be meaningful so that the advertising will contribute to building long term equity beyond the Christmas season
  • Be authentic to what the brand does