Often regarded as the oldest advertising medium, Out of Home (OOH) has undergone a major transformation in many markets around the globe as newer digital formats continue to spread and evolve. At the same time the growing and increasingly urbanised global population means that the outdoor audience continues to expand. Being able to measure, analyse, and understand the audience of this increasingly varied and complex medium has never been more important. Moving from counting panels or traffic to measuring people and interactions is not easy and the current ability to do so varies enormously from market to market.


Out of Home, (OOH), or Outdoor – OOH usually means any roadside, mall, airport or transport advertising panels, (bus, train, taxi, underground – interior or exterior), but also includes street furniture, (e.g. phone kiosks), most point-of-sale materials, (e.g. paper bags, beer mats, screens at retail checkouts, etc.), and advertising media social or entertainment environments such as gyms, bars, washrooms, or cinemas, as well as experiential or special-build media properties in public spaces.