Branded online video can be effective in different ways. Very emotional ‘hero’ videos can be highly engaging, create sharing and build the brand long term. However, regular ‘hub’ and ‘help’ content also meet consumer needs for engagement and information. There is also a role for :15-30 video ads - length should be tailored to the message/audience and the opening high impact to gain attention.


Online video is content created by marketers to build brand equity and grow the business. It can be broadcast on ‘owned’ channels, in paid media or via earned media i.e. through viewer sharing. It can be consumed across multiple screens including computer and mobile.

Native video is uploaded to or created on social networks and other publishing platforms. It is viewed in-feed, as opposed to linking to video hosted on other sites. Native video formats are specific to each social platform.

Effectiveness is quantifiable and attributable effects of online video advertising campaigns against defined objectives or metrics such as awareness, sales, market share or profits.

Key Insights

1. To maximise online video effectiveness, consider content, format, length and consumer context