Newspaper advertising is in decline as younger audiences prefer to read their news online. However, newspapers still have mass market appeal and adverts placed in the right title, amongst relevant content, can engage readers, raise brand awareness and drive sales.


Newspapers – or newsbrands, as they are increasingly referred to, in order to reflect their cross-platform nature – are defined as the online and offline publishing platforms of national and regional newspapers, both paid for and free.

Newspaper effectiveness is the quantifiable and attributable effects of newspaper advertising campaigns against defined objectives and metrics.

Key insights

1. Newsbrands can play a unique role in multi-media campaigns

According to research from UK industry body Newsworks, newsbrands affect behaviour change at two key points in the buying journey:

  • Driving purchase consideration at the ‘Preparation’ stage (when people don’t currently buy but are planning to do so).
  • Creating loyalty at the ‘Maintenance’ stage (when people currently buy and intend to continue doing so).