Gaming platforms are a growing digital marketing channel, where brands and products are promoted either via in-game advertising or via sponsorship or creation of games around brands or products. In-game advertising (IGA) offers marketers a number of opportunities such as building reach amongst hard-to-reach audiences. A brand-created game can build positive associations and may constitute a casual game, a bespoke area in a virtual world, or an alternate reality game operating across a range of platforms.


There are two primary types of in-game advertising (IGA) - these are either static or dynamically served in-game ads that are integrated into the game environment.

Static ads consist of simple in-game product placement or virtual billboards. Once brands are placed directly into a game, they cannot be altered.

Dynamic ads are served dynamically into pre-set inventory locations, just like other forms of digital media. Unlike integrations or static advertising which are programmed into the game itself, dynamic advertising can be updated remotely through an ad server. Advertisers can target these ads according to geographical location, time of day, etc., allowing more flexibility and efficiency for campaigns.