Women's roles in society have changed and continue to evolve. They are the key decision makers and are responsible for between 70-80% of all purchases worldwide. And with more women in the workforce they are creators of wealth themselves. At a time of great cultural and social change epitomised by movements such as #metoo and #unstereotype, old stereotypes are being challenged and brands are adopting more relevant and appropriate ways of engaging with this vast and lucrative audience.


Women consumers are females aged 18 and over and are typically segmented as being pre-family, family, and post-family.

Key insights

1. Understanding women's lifestyles makes for more meaningful engagement

Effective marketing to women requires a move away from the generalisations that have typically been used. Women are not just consumers, to be looked at through the old lenses of age, marital status, motherhood and responsibilities. Unpaid work, demanding careers, friends, family, hobbies, are all jockeying for attention. They are busy and are frequently the final decision maker for purchases including financial services and cars.