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The Health and Wellness sector has grown considerably in recent years. Smart technology has given consumers greater understanding of the impact of their personal choices, making it easier for them to monitor their health and track their fitness goals. It has also raised expectations of health and wellness brands, as people demand rapid responses, personalised experiences and inspiring communication.


Health and Wellness marketing informs and educates consumers about health and fitness brands.

Key insights

1. Lifestyle solutions and mental wellbeing are key category trends

The wellness economy is growing in response to consumer demand for better all-round health solutions that fit into their lifestyle. Consumers are seeking products and services to tackle a whole range of issues such as chronic illness, mental wellbeing, sleep, nutrition and optimal performance. In particular, the growing need for self-care solutions to prevent poor mental health has driven a great deal of innovation, embracing apps, wearables and the workplace. To succeed in the wellness economy, brands should embrace mental health and use the power of emotion and communities to create appeal and engagement.