Digital payments are evolving and growing with the rise of ‘super apps’, which bundle logistics, commerce, payments and social, and mobile payment platforms. Asia is at the forefront of this change, which is in turn fuelling social commerce in the region. Brands seeking to capitalise on the shift to digital payments need to think about inclusivity and balancing the desire for frictionless transactions with safety, consumer privacy and data protection.


Digital or electronic payments are paperless, cashless payments which are initiated using electronic devices and channels, such as PC, mobile and POS terminal. The most common forms of digital payment are via debit card, credit card, online bank transfer or digital wallet.

Digital wallets or e-wallets store credit card, debit card or bank account information for use at the online point of purchase.

Mobile wallets are digital wallets stored in a mobile phone. They can be used either by holding the phone near a special payment terminal in-store or by using the mobile wallet app for in-app or web purchases.

Key insights

1. Digital payments are growing, driven by mobile