Customer-centric brands put the customer experience at the heart of the business. They ensure they understand consumers' motivations, in order to meet their needs, retain their custom and maximise profitability. Effective customer-centric strategies recognise consumers' changing demands, have a clear brand purpose, and are embraced at every level of the business.


Customer-centric companies create a positive customer experience before, during and post-sale which can drive repeat business, loyalty and profit. Customer-centricity is more than providing good customer service. Rather, it involves creating a company culture that focuses on the customer's needs. Customer-centricity can be a good way to differentiate from competitors.

Key insights

1. Customer-centricity needs to come to life offline as well as online

In recent years there has been much focus on digital transformation and online customer experience but there is an increasing shift to ensuring offline experience lives up to and is consistent with online developments. In addressing the gap brands should start with the desired offline experience – which can vary by different locations and environments -, drive consistency of experience, invest in empowering employees to deliver superior experience and go beyond just fixing pain points.