Celebrity endorsement, when used well, can be a powerful brand communications strategy and can bring benefits to brands. Social media is dramatically changing how brands think about campaigns with a move towards engaged experts and grassroots stars who can connect better through digital media channels.


Celebrity endorsement is the forming of a relationship between a brand and an influential individual who "fits" with the brand and whose personality resonates with the target consumer. The celebrity may endorse the brand in several ways including appearances in adverts, mentions in the press or on social media. Celebrities differ from other influencers in having achieved offline recognition or fame not just through digital channels. They include athletes, TV personalities, musical artists, and more.

Key Insights

1. Celebrity social media price rates are much higher than for other influencers

Marketers pay over $3,000 for an Instagram video post by a celebrity with more than 500k followers, much higher than for other influencers. Static Instagram posts and stories are less expensive. Rates are even higher on YouTube where a video post by a celebrity costs almost $4,000. Facebook comes in at $2,400 for a celebrity post. However, across all social media there is a large disparity in rate between celebrities and other influencers.