Developments in data technology are allowing advertisers to create highly targeted TV campaigns and drive efficiency. The advanced targeted approach offered by addressable TV is gaining traction amongst advertisers, and is increasing TV’s relevance.


Addressable TV combines data and technology to enable advertisers to selectively segment TV audiences. TV ads are then served ads to households matching a specific target audience.

Key insights

1. Addressable TV tech means brands know what audiences are watching in real time

The development of Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) technology to monitor on-screen pixels is allowing advertisers to understand what viewers are watching (and how they are watching the content) on a second-by-second basis. Viewers must opt in to any such monitoring to comply with privacy legislation. However, assuming consent is granted, ACR promises to offer brands a much clearer view of which ads are being displayed on CTV screen. Advances in such technology should enable brands to incorporate addressable TV into broader, cross-channel planning, by combining greater certainty of which ads have been viewed with knowledge of which websites and apps viewers have been visiting via the same IP address.