The user journey evolution

Humans are visual creatures and eyesight is our strongest sense, stemming back to when it first protected us from danger. It’s no surprise that, in a visual world, taking photos ranks as one of the most popular smartphone activities.

Despite the rise of voice assistants, whether we’re looking for a local restaurant or a new pair of trainers, we’re still more likely to physically tap away on our phones. There is a disconnect between the way we instinctively want to behave, and the way we actually behave, due to restrictive technology. We take pictures instinctively, but that’s where the journey ends.

In e-commerce, the critical task of brands is to simplify the user-journey; in today’s fickle, ‘I see it, I want it,’ culture, any complication in this flow can be a deal-breaker. In the quest for a frictionless e-commerce experience, and with technology companies battling it out to be ahead of the game, visual search can be the game changer.

What is visual search?