Measuring effectiveness

Merry Baskin advises on how to demonstrate the effectiveness of marketing budgets through ROI, behavioural and intermediate measurements

The burden of proof for marketing funds to have been invested efficiently and effectively has always been Important. That pressure has intensified with the increasing influence of client procurement departments and the frugality imposed by the global recession.

In the 'Era of Accountability', we need to demonstrate not just the attitudinal or behaviour changes effected by our campaigns, the perceptions of the brand we have altered, but also the financial return of those campaigns.

But only very rarely is there a direct link between the ad campaign and its impact on sales. However, there are other roles for performance measurement: to monitor progress against objectives; to check the strategy is working as intended; to identify ways in which communications can become more effective in future; to set and decide future budgets and media spends; and to quantify the impact we have had (Return on Marketing Investment (ROI or ROMI). Even if your campaign bombs, a return on learning (from your mistakes) is most valuable.