Luxury marketing: 5 ways to market prestige brands

Wolfgang Schaefer

To be a prestige brand meant remaining veiled and mysterious – aloof from the digital world. But now the new Ueber-Brands use the digital revolution to marry culture, commerce, content and convenience, without undermining the superior status of the brand.

The digital revolution, a more demanding consumerism and many other factors have led to a new way of marketing premium brands and given rise to a new crop of what I have called Ueber-Brands (i.e. brands as networks of meanings, based on highly authentic brand identity and brand behaviour).

This can be seen in seven core principles from the must for mission and myth to a newfound balance between exclusion and inclusion and the growing need for truth. One of the most important principles is certainly how Ueber-Brands interact with their constituencies. They mix up traditional marketing mantras in surprising ways to build proximity, while maintaining a certain distance – seduce us instead of just sell to us.