Integrated marketing

Merry Baskin
Baskin Shark

Merry Baskin advises on how to plan and implement effective integrated marketing campaigns.

Our industry's raison d'etre is communication, yet laxity about the definitions of the professional vocabulary we use is rife. ‘Fat’ terms randomly bandied around sound important but mislead and confuse. A classic is the current conflation between Media Neutral Planning (MNP), Communications Planning (CP) and Integrated Planning (IP). Here are my definitions:

MNP is media-free thinking. Namely, not thinking about channels or budgets at all when devising or briefing for a ‘big idea'. It is usually a communications idea that will ultimately run in a variety of places and formats. Occasionally, it's a business transforming idea which drives brand behaviour not just communications.

CP is creating experiences and conversations between brands and people. It is done by figuring out where best to engage with customers and prospects to extract the maximum benefit from various different media.