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Need to know

  • Nigeria has an estimated population of 191 million, a median age of around 18, 250 ethnic groups and approximately 500 local languages.
  • TV and radio penetration is high and Nigerians spend over four hours a day on the internet, mostly via mobile – although, at 10%, social media penetration is at the bottom of the global ranking.
  • Football is a national passion: having a football themed brand message can be an effective way to speak to all Nigerians regardless of differences in culture or beliefs.
  • Nigeria’s $3.3bn movie industry called Nollywood produces close to 2,000 movies per year and presents brands with opportunities for sponsorship and product placements.
  • Brands should know the specific pain points unique to Nigerians such as erratic electricity supply, predominantly low-income and 40% illiteracy rate – and identify ways to address them.