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Driving a segmentation into media requires both art and science.

Data-driven planning and addressable media are changing the face of targeting, but a lot of media consumption remains "non-personally identifiable". This has a big influence on brand outcomes in a broader media ecosystem.

Although data from disparate sources is increasingly used and combined to understand the profile of available audiences, and to build reach from a seed universe, engaging those audiences still requires real human understanding and creative thinking.

This guide talks a lot about data-driven planning, but the principles of driving a segmentation into media are very much the same as they have always been:

  • Clarify the segmentation strategy and its business value.
  • Don't let the media tail wag the dog.
  • Describe the consumer segment effectively.
  • Understand the available data, analytics and audience technology.
  • Embrace a range of targeting techniques according to media and task.
  • Employ an audience and response expert.