Creative Effectiveness, Twose and Wyn Jones, 2011

The importance of branding

In the last few years there has been a refocus on the benefits of brand building; this is at least in part due to the persuasive arguments put forward by Byron Sharp and the analysis by Les Binet and Peter Field. Rather than relying on the immediate activation possible in this digital age, “Brand building is more important in a digital world than it is in the old economy,” insists Les Binet

The strong branding of brand-building advertising is essential; Heather Andrews of Neuro Insight says “If something doesn’t get into memory it can’t possibly affect our future behaviour – and one of the crucial characteristics of memory is that it works by association.” Kantar Millward Brown build on this arguing; “It is crucial that consumers remember what brand is being advertised,” pointing out that their databases show there is a relationship between strong branding and sales effects. Their analysis of Effie award winning ads shows that strong branding is the biggest differentiator between these ads and other ads in their database.