Creative work sessions

Merry Baskin
Baskin Shark

Merry Baskin of Baskin Shark looks at how agencies can encourage clients to take ownership and engage in the creative process earlier through effective tissue meetings.

"Have you ever had to suffer a tissue meeting? All of us in advertising have at some point, haven't we? For those that don't know what I mean, count yourself lucky!... Whoever came up with the completely stupid idea of tissue meetings should be taken out and shot." So opined Sir John Hegarty in his 2011 advertising memoir.

If you are one the 'lucky' ones and don't know what a 'tissue meeting' is, here's a definition. The name 'tissue' comes not, as some wag would have it, from the inconsolable creative director sobbing into a Kleenex after witnessing his fledging, but potentially brilliant (i.e. award-winning, fame-making, salary boosting), idea being stomped upon by a Philistine client in size 14 Doc Martens with the imagination of a bucket. Rather, it originates from the scrappy flimsy bit of tracing paper that art directors used to use, along with Magic Markers, to sketch out their ideas, before the days of Photoshop.