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Why it matters

The basis of any long-term, sustained commercial success is the ability to continually earn customer decisions in your favour. It’s only by understanding what really matters to customers (not just their opinions on what you produce) that you can design an offer that will repeatedly earn those decisions. However, being customer-led requires a multi-faceted approach and is often hard to do.


  • Taking a customer-led, immersive approach to proposition development will reveal inconvenient truths about what really matters to customers, whilst belief in what new answers could be valuable to both customers and the business.
  • Good proposition design therefore relies on full immersion in both the customers life, and also in learning from parallel organisations in other companies and countries.
  • This customer lens needs to be matched with a robust commercial prioritisation of ideas, and a team that are clear and energised to deliver something different from the status quo.

Where to start