An American's opinion about why advertisers should look to the Super Bowl for digital marketing opportunities outside of the US

This Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday. For an American living in London that means a few things. First, you have a chance to reconnect with family and friends over one of the most American of sports. Second, many ex-pats book the next day off in order to recover on Monday. And finally, you get the unique chance to answer dozens of questions about a sport that is relatively obscure outside of the U.S.

"Does an American Football game really last five hours?" "Why do they wear so much padding?"

"Why is the game so stop-start?"

"Why is it even called 'Football' and not something more accurate like 'Hand-Egg'?"

Just this week I was asked why it's such a big deal that they don't broadcast the ads during the game here in London. "Surely advertisements are not as important as the game?" Yes, that's partly true, but I'd say the ads (or commercials as they are called in America) are about 40% of the reason you watch the game. I'd like to explain why that might be, and how advertisers abroad can use this strange phenomenon to their advantage.

The Super Bowl Advertising Phenomenon