This second edition of Breakthrough Insights in 2017 arrives amid enduring disruption that, if anything, has accelerated this year. As our industry turns the corner to 2018, established go-to-market strategies face growing challenges ranging from digitally engaged shoppers to discounters, from Amazon to Aldi.

Even while assortment choice has never been greater thanks to eCommerce, many growth retailers celebrate the degree to which they limit choice. Curators like Costco and smaller stores like Lidl drive value, in part, by taking stress out of the shopping experience and resetting the shopper's reference points across the traditional 4 P's.

We can all agree that we have passed a tipping point to where an empowered shopper is seeking convenience and value at the speed of technology, without compromising quality. Moreover, the shopper can effectively determine her own personal supply chain, where the last mile is the doorstep. All too often, the false sense of security of taking baby steps or downplaying the scale of disruption has led us to a place of inertia. While we face substantial uncertainty about the shape of future demand, we can at least be certain that winning companies in the years ahead will need to embrace structural changes to compete.