Rise of The Machines

How Artificial Intelligence will transform your business

The digital advertising space is about to pass through another radical transformation. This time with the onset of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

China is one of the most dynamic digital markets in the world. After leading the world with innovations in key digital growth areas such as e-Commerce and mobile payments, it's now taking the lead in AI. The large players in the market, Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent are already investing massively and other players are sure to follow suit.

AI is set to radically transform the advertising industry the world over. It is essential for brands to prepare for the inevitable change that is already on its way. With the right approach to data, technology and human resources brands can position themselves to meet the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Our White Paper on "Rise of the Machines" provides a new point of view on what to expect, and reveals a Transformational Framework for brands as the consumer path to purchase and the value chain are reborn.