CREATIVE agencies in Latam keep working like they did fifty years ago. It is a baby-boomer organization that remained untouched in its basics.

The latest reengineering occurred around 1999 with the spin-off of the media buying companies. Other than that, we keep doing things the same way. Mad Men without media and with computers instead of typing machines.

Every industry had to go through a full process of change in their business model, production model, provisioning model, logistics model, etc.

We witnessed a full reengineering in insurance, banking, leisure and travel, software, automotive, music, and many other industries, sometimes more than once in fifty years. But clearly not in our industry.

Some people think that the advent of Digital changed advertising, and, although it has certainly shaken our industry and had the power to reshape some agencies, it cannot be considered as reengineering. It has just been an incremental improvement in our status-quo.