Is the red carpet fading? – China's evolution and engagement with the world: Imperatives for MNCs in China

Saurabh Sharma and Mickey Chak


Executive Summary

Many foreigners and expats think Chinese are dumb or strange or both. They think that China is a sinister force and that the average Chinese is poor and are frustrated with the lack of freedom and self-expression. Similarly most of the MNCs think that the Chinese government is unfair and biased and there persists a deep-rooted deficit of trust. History, the impact of the Western media, spending too much time with other expats and failing to bridge the understanding gap with China, partly due to language and partly due to a lack of initiative, are just some of the reasons behind such perceptions of China. For many expats, their first-hand account of China is limited to what they see and hear from their English-speaking colleagues, secretaries, drivers, or through reports compiled by foreigners who themselves are only beginning to understand China.