In This Report...

We have identified all innovations from the last two years in a sample of five markets spanning both developed and developing markets: Brazil, China, Mexico, Spain and Great Britain.

A total of 88,262 new products have been in the market for at least one year. For the purposes of this report, and in order to give a fair reflection from across our markets, we are going to filter our study to those launches that achieve either 1% market penetration or reach at least 500,000 households in a year.

Overall, we will be analysing a total of 1,111 'top launches' across 38 different categories.

Number of launches in the market for at least one year, by country

Innovating for Growth

Innovation is an important part of a company's strategy for growth. As former P&G CEO Bob McDonald once said, "We know from our history that while promotions may win quarters, innovation wins decades."