Pillsbury is an iconic brand, with a nearly 150-year history of helping families make memories through food.

But, in 2017, after a 4.4 point loss in penetration, the brand realized it had lost its way. Insufficient consumer empathy had led to brand decisions that were fundamentally at odds with the values of their core consumer: Mothers in rural American families.

To reignite love for the brand, Pillsbury needed to cultivate deep consumer empathy and prove that the brand understood what mattered to them. Ethnographies uncovered the insight that home is a haven for unity in a divided world, a place where making memories together strengthens shared values.

The resulting advertising campaign celebrated the shared belief that what matters most is "Made at Home." The campaign produced remarkable results in Year 1 (Sept '17–Jan '18) and built even more strength in Year 2 (Sept '18-Jan '19). The campaign elicited strong feelings of joy and satisfaction and drove 4-to-6 percentage point increases in brand perceptions around "knowing what matters to families," "relevant brand to me," "brand I like," and "a brand I would recommend." (Communicus)