• Marketing challenge: Launch Walmart's pivotal Online Grocery Pickup (OGP) during the World Cup (WC) in an evolving retail landscape, a dense media window, to a critical/skeptical Hispanic consumer, with a limited budget.
  • Methodology: Developed the "Sparks" method: a life-encompassing research approach, convergingsocial media listening, ethnographies, shop-alongs, consumer diaries, and focus groups, to uncover brand points of entry.
  • Insights: During the WC, messaging to Hispanics falls flat due to heightened cultural sensitivity; viewer mindsets shift from Latino to country of origin. Viewing events are logistically tedious for consumers trying to provide cultural assortment in short times, so we positioned Walmart's OGP as the enabler of legendary events with ease, assortment and price.
  • Creative: Created a robust campaign targeting quality barriers prior to the WC, highlighting associates' dedication to freshness; efficiently created unique content for each Latin country, produced in the authentic stylings of each culture and highlighted by the recreation of the "Rocky" theme song in each of their traditional musical styles.
  • Business Impact: Exceeded all benchmarks for awareness, reputation, relevance, and call to action. Increased likelihood to download, use and reuse OGP and garnered more unique posts/engagement than all official FIFA sponsors combined, reimagining how brands approach sporting events.

Consumer Insight

  1. Learning:Most brands messaged Latinos by blending Mexican and/or Caribbean stereotypes, which tunes them out due to heightened cultural sensitivity. All Latinos have different cultural nuances and traditions they rarely see portrayed during the tournament.